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Anthem Multimedia is seeking an amazing EDITOR.

The Company:
Anthem Multimedia is an Emmy-award winning multimedia production company based in Boston, MA that specializes in commercial and documentary storytelling. Our clients range from international pharmaceutical companies to musicians to non-profits to world-famous yoga brands. We tackle each project in a creatively aggressive manner and take ownership of every detail from inception to delivery. Our impeccability in communication and art set us apart, as we treat every project as an opportunity for growth and creative excellence.

The Position: 
We are seeking an editor who will work closely with our director/producer on our projects. The position will begin as a paid internship for a term of 6 months, and if both parties agree, the role will transition to a salaried position with benefits. 

Our editor will work mostly from our Medford, MA office with occasional remote work. Certain projects will require regional, national, or international travel. 

The ideal candidate has an excellent command of the technical craft of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and fluency with motion graphics and kinetic typography. Design and sound editing skills are a plus. Ideal candidate is extremely organized, self-directed, efficient, and possesses excellent time-management skills. Position provides for both on-the-job training and professional development (workshops, retreats, online learning, etc). 

Please note: we are NOT seeking a generalist, or someone with merely basic skills in editing. We are seeking someone who is inspired by the art and craft of transforming footage into narrative, of guiding and shaping the viewer's experience through sequence and image. We are seeking an EDITOR - not someone who 'does it all' and can edit. The role and responsibility of editing can feel like a slog or a perfunctory process to someone who isn't inspired by the work. So we are seeking exactly that - a visual artist who sees him/herself as a storyteller first and who chooses the medium of film and video to exercise that art.

We are also looking for someone who wants to grow in this capacity on our team. Since our founding in 2009, we've grown with the same core team members and added a talented audio engineer in 2016. So we're looking for a true teammate, not just a technician to put in the hours.

Media management, project setup, assembly edits, rough cuts, fine cuts (as needed), graphics/titles and delivery. Editor will be involved in both pre-production and production as necessitated per project to better facilitate optimal and efficient editing.

Start date:
As soon as we find the right person! (But not a second before)

Anthem Multimedia
Medford, MA (near Tufts University/Davis Square)

To Apply:
Send resume, cover-letter, references, and work samples to