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Our Family

Dina and I met in Boston and have been married for 10 years (hard to believe). Neither of us can figure out how we lucked out with the other one.  For most of our careers we have been photographers.  Dina is a staff photographer at the Boston Globe – (you can see her work and learn more about her professional accomplishments at www.dinarudick.com) and I work as an independent photographer for many newspapers and magazines all over the world (www.jacobsphotographic.us) Together we run a boutique video production company called Anthem Multimedia (www.anthemmultimedia.com).  For the last three years, we’ve been running an organic farm for ~45 families in our immediate neighborhood (http://ploughandstarsproject.com).  Each week over the summer and fall, the families come to our house to pick up their produce, hang out and get to know each other. 

Between the photography, videography, the farming, and our young family the house can be a very busy place, with people coming and going much of the time.  We appreciate solitude even more than most people but the busy-ness of our lives is a product of our deep desire to live lives that are connected – to purpose, to community and to the natural world around us.  Much of our family life is centered around the dinner table.  We love to grow the food we eat and prepare it well for the people we love.  Give Dina some fresh vegetables, some olive oil and a skillet and in 30 minutes you’ll be blown away.

The littlest people of the house – Wendell and Auden (who you’re understandably more interested in than us) are fantastic.  They are named after two of our favorite poets (Wendell Berry and W.H. Auden).  At three and a half, Wendell is an intensely passionate spirit.  He is happiest outside, running, jumping, shoveling snow, riding bikes, throwing stones into the river or swimming.  Inside, his default activity is playing with cars and trucks. And more cars. And more trucks.  We always give him space to be himself around this routine, but we seek out opportunities to challenge this particular sphere of interest.  He is amazingly articulate for his age and he will ask you some of the most intense questions of your life (“dadda, how did they make the WHOLE WORLD?” was today’s question).  And he’s very emotionally intelligent. He loves and shows a serious interest in music (both listening to and playing).  He currently attends a Montessori school five days a week near our house.  He’s also very fond of his younger sister.

Auden, currently five-months-old, is already a very different child than Wendell.  She is the smileyest, laid-back puddle of cuteness you can imagine.  She sleeps well (unlike her brother), really loves to interact, and seems to take life with ease.  She’s showing some beautiful and intense signs of curiosity at the moment and will be mesmerized for long periods of time with her hands, the sky etc. She’s pretty straight forward at the minute as far as her needs go.

As parents we’ve found the biggest challenge of parenting these two is moderating Wendell’s intensity and negotiating their different needs at the same time (i.e. Wendell wants to be outside but Auden needs to eat).  We look forward to co-parenting with you and maybe even learning a few of your tricks.

We are looking for a nanny who takes her roll very seriously.  We want someone who is very present and intentional about her interactions with our kids and strives to enrich their experience even in the routine moments.  We allow virtually no screen time for our kids and a big expectation for our au pair is that they use their phones as sparingly as practically possible while working. As parents we always try to be consistent, loving, patient, firm and fair and expect the person who will be helping us raise these kids to be the same.  We spend a lot of time outdoors, even in the winter (so be prepared).

We work hard but I think we’re an extremely reasonable and easy-going family. We pride ourselves on keeping lines of open communication in this house and pay close attention to the health of our family’s dynamic.  While our expectations are high we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re supported and comfortable in your rol.  Whatever you bring to the table we’ll return the favor two-fold.  

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you